Journeys Around Seattle, #53: Final Thoughts & Leftovers

December 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Sunset over the skylineSunset over the skyline For a project that started on a whim, during a walk through Eastlake on New Year's Day, it's been quite a ride. 52 photo expeditions turned out to require more time and planning than I expected, not just in going out and taking photos, but in downloading, sorting, and editing them, and of course, writing up 52 blog entries.

It's been fun, though. It's taken me to a lot of places and down a lot of trails that I might not otherwise have visited, and I've learned a lot about the city I call home. I feel like my photography skill has improved by leaps and bounds this year, both behind the camera and in front of the computer. I don't necessarily think that someone could look at each entry chronologically and chart a linear improvement in my photo skill, but nevertheless, I feel like I've improved in pretty much every aspect of the more spontaneous street and nature photography that was the focus of this project.

Plus it's been a great excuse to get out, explore, and do fun things with good friends. I want to thank everybody who provided companionship and help along the way: Victoria Schmitt and Jessica Blair of Go To Games, who arranged for me to go to ECCC and PAX with them. Bruce Taylor, who hiked with me through the Central Cascades this summer. My friends Matt and Jacqueline Popp, who joined me exploring on Mt. Rainier. My Dad and Stepmom, who invited us down to the Oregon Coast. Loz Link, who got me in to the Washington Ren Faire.

But most of all my thanks and love go out to my girlfriend, Lisa, who accompanied me on most of these expeditions, and who was a motivator, companion, critique partner, occasional facilitator, and ever-patient sounding board for my ideas and thoughts all year. If the only thing this project ultimately accomplishes is that it gave us a lot of fun times together, then that by itself is more than enough.

Clouds and Sun over Puget SoundClouds and Sun over Puget Sound Generally, whenever I went out and took photos in the Seattle area this year, I tried to arrange it so the results would contribute to this project, but occasionally I would get a few photos that just weren't enough for a full entry, or were of a place where I'd already been and done an entry. These are some of those leftovers ("outtakes" is really the wrong word-- that implies a bit that wasn't good enough or got messed up somehow, but some of the photos in here are among my favorites all year).

MOHAIMOHAI The leftover set includes a few photos from South Lake Union, the waterfront, and Bainbridge Island. Interestingly, some of Seattle's most famous landmarks and photos I didn't get to at all! For example, the views from Kerry Park and Gasworks Park, perhaps the two most famous photographic vistas in Seattle, I only took night shots of. I never got a picture of the Fremont Troll, nor did I take a shot from the Great Wheel, nor did I go up the Space Needle. That wasn't because I was specifically avoiding them; Seattle just has such a wealth of sights to see, that I never got around to even some of the most obvious places.

Going into 2015, I may still occasionally do a "Journeys Around Seattle" entry, if I go somewhere I haven't been, but I'm not going to make it the weekly routine that it was all through 2014. (In reality, it was more than weekly, because I spent six weeks out of the country completely-- so actually, it was 52 photo expeditions in 46 weeks.) In 2015, I hope to spend less time on "spontaneous" photography and more on pre-planned photoshoots, to hone that side of my photography skillset. But Seattle and the surrounding areas present such a wealth of photographic potential, I'm sure there will be plenty more journeys to come.




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