Journeys Around Seattle, #38: Alki Beach

August 18, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The "beach" of Alki BeachThe "beach" of Alki Beach This weekend we went to a picnic on Alki Beach with some friends, so of course I brought my camera along to take photos of the area. Alki Beach is a long strip of land on the northwest side of West Seattle, stretching from Duwamish Head at tip of West Seattle, south and west to Alki Point. It's a long grassy stretch that follows the water, with a stretch of sandy beach along the way that happens to be one of the most popular summer hangouts of Seattleites.

Various landmarks can be seen along Alki, including a miniature scale replica of the statue of liberty, and a monument marking the point where the Denny Party (not to be confused with the Donner Party) The Alki Point LighthouseThe Alki Point Lighthouse  first landed in the area. The following year many of them would move across the bay to the current location of Seattle.

At the southern end of Alki Beach is the Alki Point lighthouse, which has been in operation for over a hundred years and continues in operation to this day. The Admiral of the local Coast Guard district and his family live on the grounds.

The lighthouse tower is open to the public on summer weekends. There's a few interesting historical exhibits, and you can also climb the stairs to the top of the tower, and look out over Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. (It wasn't quite clear enough for us to see the mountains, but it was a gorgeous day and view nonetheless.)


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