Bodies in Color, #2: Orion Boudoir

March 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The first bodypainting shoot I ever did back in 2010 was of a green-painted Orion slave girl, from the Star Trek TV series, with the lovely and talented Allegriana. Looking back on it, I'm pretty happy with the results that came out, even though in retrospect I didn't know much about either photography or bodypainting yet. I give the model a lot of credit for making that shoot look good despite an incompetent photographer. =)

Since then, I've wanted to redo the shoot, now that I have better equipment, and a decent lighting setup, and a little bit of photography skill to back it up. Separately, I've also wanted to do a boudoir-style photoshoot, to try my hand at (mostly) classy erotic photos in a bedroom scene, but being myself, I couldn't just do regular boudoir. So I took the opportunity to break out the green bodypaint once again and threw that into the mix, too.

With St. Patrick's Day coming up, the whole "green" theme seemed particularly apropos, so I put out a casting call on Model Mayhem, and got in touch with Kebechet, who expressed interest in the project. For a studio, we booked a room at a local motel (decor theme: IKEA firesale), and last Saturday afternoon, I headed down to Olympia for the shoot.

The painting actually took longer than I'd planned. The whole process ran close to four hours, including face makeup, which is really a bit too long for a simple solid-color bodypaint. I'm going to look at ways to improve this. One way may be to switch from my newer double-action airbrush to my older single-action, which is not as good for deft touches but probably has a higher throughput of paint. I may consider cutting the paint a bit thinner as well. I usually use liquid Mehron paint cut with barrier spray at about a 1:1 ratio; this time, I went slightly higher than 1:1 in hopes of getting a more vibrant color, but it may have backfired.

Speaking of paint, I used Mehron green, mixed with a small amount of yellow. It actually came out a bit darker in real life than I'd expected, but under the bright studio lights, I'm actually pretty happy with the skin tone. I do wish the paint looked a little less blotchy in some of the photos, particularly on the legs. It's very difficult to avoid that while airbrushing, and it makes me curious to try some more sponge & brush bodypainting in the future, for comparison. (I do have one such session planned, which I'll hopefully be able to do as soon as schedules line up.)

But despite the hiccups, I'm happy with how things went, and the results I got. I got to try a new style I didn't have much practice with, got to practice and learn a few things with the airbrush, classed up a pretty sparse motel room, and in the end, got quite a few pictures that I'm very happy with.

I will likely post a few additional photos as I edit them, so check back on the gallery in a couple of days for more!

(Note: there's a fair bit of nudity in the slideshow below, as one might expect for a risque boudoir shoot. Probably best to avoid viewing it at work, unless you happen to work somewhere particularly tolerant/awesome.)



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