Journeys in Color | About
My name is Andrew S. Williams, and I'm a Seattle-based photographer and writer. I first took up photography several years ago, to document backpacking trips and other travels. My interest quickly grew from there, but I'm still drawn to the theme of journeys, particularly journeys that result in some sort of transformation-- of oneself, one's outlook, or one's environment.

Today I can often be found at Seattle-area science fiction and fan conventions, including Norwescon, Emerald City Comicon, and GeekGirlCon, as well as local ren faires, the annual Seattle Pride Parade, and anywhere else that fannish or geeky creativity is likely to result in awesomeness.

I also shoot studio photography. I'm an artistic bodypainter, and enjoy documentating crazy and colorful transformations of the human body. If you're a model or a cosplayer and interested in working with me, either in the studio or at an event, please drop me a line.

I still enjoy outdoor photography. Seattle, with its mix of oceans, mountains, and beautiful cityscapes, creates countless unique opportunities for photos. Between the outdoor environment and the creativity of its residents, the Seattle area presents a wonderful and diverse visual landscape, and I love having the opportunity to explore it.

Over the past few years, I've developed a broad range of experience shooting people and events, particularly conventions and gatherings of the geeky and/or fannish persuasion. If you're interested in having me do photography at your event in an official capacity, or would like to arrange a studio shoot, or have any questions about what I do, don't hesitate to contact me.

I offer prints for sale of most of my outdoor and studio work. Prints of cosplay are generally not for sale, and cannot be offered for sale without explicit signed permission from the cosplayer. That said, if you are a cosplayer and are interested in prints of a picture in which you are featured (either for yourself or for widespread sale), feel free to contact me.