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Bodies in Color, #5: The Golden Girl

November 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

With the newest James Bond movie, SPECTRE, coming out this weekend, it seemed as good a time as any to pay homage to one of the original Bond Girls-- Shirley Eaton, who suffered an unfortunate demise at the hands of Auric Goldfinger way back in 1964. Eaton's famous look later made the cover of LIFE.

So fifty-one years later, with the James Bond franchise still going strong, I messaged my friend Ashke to see if she'd be interested in doing a photoshoot along those lines. She agreed, and soon after our mutual friend Mad Morrigan Cosplay agreed to come along to help with hair and makeup.

So this ended up being the first entry in my "Bodies in Color" photoshoot series in which I didn't do most of the makeup myself. (Actually, that's not quite true... in #3 Stephanie did a fair bit of her own makeup as well, but this was the first time I didn't really have anything to do during the makeup phase.)

I had planned to do standard brush-and-sponge painting, rather than airbrush painting, but Morrigan is a master of the airbrush and was carrying her own airbrush in her car, so that's what we went with. It actually worked better than I expected; I was afraid the metal powder would clog the airbrush.  But the paint looked fantastic at the end. The one downside was that it was a longer process, and because I hadn't brought a box fan (which really helps with ventilation for airbrush painting), the hotel room was covered in a very fine layer of golden dust by the end.

By that time, we were all ready to start taking photos. I had chosen the hotel room based on Expedia pictures, and while I was fairly pleased with the setting, I did inevitably run into problems. The nice wooden headboard, which had looked cool and classy when booking online, was actually incredibly reflective and glossy, and shone under the light of the flash like it was a mirror. There was also a painting with a reflective glass surface that had been glued to the wall; both of these things gave me headaches as I tried to get the lighting right.

But despite a few hiccups, I'm pleased with the pictures we got. I got the shots I really wanted to get... the silhouetted legs in the vaguely reminiscent style of a Bond opening sequence; lying on the bed, the victim of Auric Goldfinger; and of course, we did a nod to Shirley Eaton's cover from the November 1964 issue of LIFE.

You can see some more pictures in the slideshow below; I may add some more in the coming days. I also added a few behind-the-scenes of the makeup process at the very end. Many, many thanks to Ashke and Morrigan for helping make this shoot happen!


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