Journeys in Color | Journeys Around Seattle, #65: Browns Point

Journeys Around Seattle, #65: Browns Point

November 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Back in September, Lisa and I went on a drive to visit Dash Point State Park, north of Tacoma and west of Federal Way on the shore of Puget Sound. The park itself was on a small bit of shoreline, sandwiched between private property on both sides. The day was gray and chilly,and the shoreline wasn't particularly impressive on its own, but there was a small creek running into the Sound, and I spent quite a while next to the tiny cascade of water. I found myself more than a bit mesmerized by the bubbling and splashing of the water as it fell down the rocks and into Puget Sound, getting ever closer shots with my telephoto lens, until they turned into little more than abstract patterns of bubbles, a moment of chaos frozen in time. 

Even after leaving the stream behind, I found myself pointing my camera at some of the smaller things around the park, including a piece of driftwood, a toppled-over toy, and a few spiders.

After spending some time at the park, we decided to keep exploring, and headed out further west toward Browns Point, the very tip of this particular promontory along the Sound. There's an old lighthouse there, Browns Point Lighthouse, and a little park where lots of kiteboarders had set up their equipment and were taking turns riding across the water on the gusty breeze. They made for great photographic subjects, despite the gray day, and after spending a while taking pictures I talked to them for a bit about the weather and the best places to go kiteboarding around the Sound.

We walked around the rest of the park, past the Keeper's House, but again, it was a fairly small park bordered on both sides by private property. So, having gotten a decent and varied share of photographic opportunities for the day, we called an end to our exploration for the day and headed home.



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