Journeys in Color | Journeys Around Seattle, #55: Freeway Park

Journeys Around Seattle, #55: Freeway Park

March 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Freeway Park is one of the most unique parks in Seattle-- a strip of greenery behind the Washington State Convention Center, situated directly over I-5, with various fountains and a maze of concrete walkways and flower beds connecting the Downtown neighborhood with Capitol Hill and First Hill to the East. I walk through there occasionally, but hadn't had the opportunity to do a photoblog entry here yet, until I went scouting here for a photoshoot.

I like the combination of greenery here combined with the tall buildings looming on all sides; in that sense, it's Seattle's closest analogue to Central Park. Also like Central Park, there are signs of the social problems that every big city in America continues to fail to address; people sleeping on many of the benches, and if you find the wrong little nook, you may find a place that's recently been used as a toilet. But I've never felt unsafe here. I like walking through the huge variety of environments here, from the flower beds, to the looming trees, to the artwork and statues by the Convention Center, to the various fountains. The fountains are currently off, thanks to it being winter (by the calendar, if not by reality) and unfortunately, seem to be serving as giant garbage cans. Nevertheless, the grass is green, the flowers are blooming, and the park is beautiful on a sunny day.

Freeway Park also connects to a nice little private/public square (privately owned, but generally open to the public) with some rock gardens, benches, and plenty of good backdrops for a photographer and a cosplayer looking for some rocky alien landscapes. *cough* *cough*

(Click here to see the photoshoot we did around the area a few days later, with some more of Freeway Park as well.)


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