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Mardi Gras Colors

February 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

On Sunday, in lieu of watching the Super Bowl, I did a photoshoot to celebrate Mardi Gras (which is culminating today). Most of the bodypainting shoots I've done have been nude, but this time I wanted to do something a little simpler-- and also something we could go downtown and shoot-- so I picked up a cheap Mardi Gras costume dress, some bodypaint, a few props, and asked my friend Mala if she'd be interested in helping out.

After my airbrushing difficulties in my last bodypainting shoot, I shelved the airbrush and went with palettes of Kryolan Aquacolor. After a little experimentation with brush technique, I was able to get it to go on smoothly, and I'm pretty pleased with the results. The gold was Mehron powder, which I've always been very happy with, and it went on well... though on looking at some of the pictures I could have been a bit more careful with my brush technique, as it streaked in a few places. Guess I just need to do more shoots like this so I can get in more practice! :)

Nitpicking aside, I'm really happy with how this shoot came out. It was a lot of fun to take our colorful creation out on the streets and do some shooting in Pioneer Square, amidst the historic-looking street lamps and old brick buildings. (The shot where Mala is behind bars was taken at Waterfall Garden Park, and was a response to an online comment guessing that the theme of the shoot was "sad mime.") We even stopped in the nearby Diva Dollz store, where I had bought a few of the props we used during the shoot.

On the indoor shoots, we generally played up the doll aspect-- I actually thought of Mala for this shoot because when I met her, she was doing disjointed poses in her C-3PO cosplay. :) So we did some of that, used some green ribbon to do some marionette poses, and then broke out the beads and coins... necessary props for any Mardi Gras photoshoot.

You can see more pictures from the shoot in the slideshow below. And wherever you are, enjoy Fat Tuesday!




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