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Frequently Asked Questions


What's the difference between the Prints store and the Backgrounds store?

In the prints store, you can buy the full-size digital copy of a photo, or any of a variety of physical print sizes, by choosing one of the products to the right side of the image.

Backgrounds are for digital sale only, and have been specifically croppped to 16x9 resolution to fit either widescreen monitors (horizontal) or most smartphones (vertical). These will fit a variety of common wide or tall resolutions, including 2560x1440, 1920x1080, 1600x900, 1366x768, 1280x720, 1136x640, and 960x540.


Will there be a watermark on prints and downloads that I buy?

No, the watermark in the lower-left corner will not be present on any purchased products.


Can I order my prints framed?

Yes. As part of the ordering process, you'll be able to select from a wide variety of printing and framing options.


You took a picture of me at a convention or event. Can I get a copy of my photo?

Yes, by all means. Just contact me, tell me the gallery, and the number of the photo you'd like. I'm happy to provide free digital copies of photos to people who I photograph at public events. Please note: you must actually be in the photograph for this offer to apply.

If you'd like a physical print of your photo, I can provide a private link for you to order various merchandise. If you're a professional model or cosplayer and would like to re-sell prints on your own site, that can also be arranged.


I'd like to buy a print or download of one of your pictures, but it isn't in the store. How can I buy it?

If a picture isn't in the store, it's for one of three reasons:

1) The picture isn't high-quality enough to make a good print

2) The picture is of a person who hasn't signed a release

3) I just haven't added it yet

In most cases, #3 is the correct answer, so send me a message and I'll add it for you if I can!

(Note that I can't sell prints of cosplayers or models who haven't signed a release-- which is the case with most photos I take at cons and public events.)