Journeys in Color | Retouching


Photo Retouching


I offer retouching services in two ways:

1) Included or added on as part of existing portrait and photoshoot packages


2) An independent service for cosplayers, models, or amateur photographers who have photos they want to retouch or repair but do not have the time, expertise, or tools to do the work themselves.


I always discuss desired results with the customer beforehand to make sure the effect they want is achieved. I offer three general levels of photo retouching: Basic, Detailed, and Major.

Basic or detailed retouching is included on every portrait package at no extra cost.


BASIC RETOUCHING: $3/photo, or $30/dozen

This covers adjustments across the entire image, including white balance, brightening and darkening the image, tweaking colors, brightening shadows, reducing overall glare and noise, and also fixing major photographic issues such as dust or red eye.



DETAILED RETOUCHING: $6/photo, or $60/dozen

This covers all basic retouching; it also fixes smaller areas and blemishes in the photo, such as touching up makeup for costumes. It can also include cosmetic retouching, such as brightening eyes and teeth and removing worry lines or bags under eyes, as well as adding a soft focus effect to portraits, if so desired. In the examples below, pupils that are showing through black sclera have been fixed, wig lines have been improved, and acne and facial blemishes have been brushed out. The fourth and fifth before-and-after shots are examples of soft focus.



Major Retouching: $15/photo

This covers all detailed retouching; it also includes wholesale replacement of the photo background, or adding in artistic elements like fire, or major editing of different parts of the photo. In Example 1 below, the background was replaced, a icy effect was added to Anna, and snow and text were added to the image. In Example 2, a Star Trek-style transporter effect was added. In Examples 3, fire effects were added, and in Examples 4 and 5, lighting effects were added.